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In 2022, Macfarlane Group launched a new Human Rights policy. We also have other policies that reflect established human rights principles. These include:


We are committed to providing equality of opportunity to colleagues and potential colleagues. This applies to recruitment, training, career development and promotion, regardless of physical ability, gender, sexual orientation or gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religious beliefs, age, nationality or ethnic origin. Full and fair consideration is given to employment applications by people with disabilities wherever suitable opportunities exist, having regard to their particular aptitudes and abilities.

Striving to ensure that the work environment is free of harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect is an important aspect of ensuring equal opportunities in employment and there is a specific Dignity at Work Policy, which deals with these issues. Where an employee becomes disabled, every effort is made to ensure that their employment with the Group continues and that appropriate adjustments are made. Disabled employees receive equal opportunities regarding selection for training, career development and promotion.


The Group recognises the importance of meaningful communication and consultation in maintaining good employee relations. This is achieved through formal and informal meetings across all business units.

Human rights policy

The Group understands that our customers and stakeholders want to feel confident that the people employed by us are not subjected to abuse or exposed to violations of their human rights. Although it is the overall responsibility of national governments to uphold human rights, we fully acknowledge and welcome our responsibility as a company to uphold human rights in all of our operations. This policy is intended to protect Macfarlane Group PLC, our members, colleagues and business partners.

Click here to view our Human Rights Policy

Whistleblowing policy

There is provision for employees to use an independent service if they are not comfortable speaking to anyone within the Group about any matters which give them concern. This service is promoted throughout the Group. This provision was extended during 2020 to include a specific support line linked to Covid-19 and the Health & Safety of every stakeholder.

Supplier Management

As a Group we recognise that our impact upon the environment and society stretches beyond our organisational boundary and what we can directly control. We therefore set high standards for our suppliers and our committed to working with them to make progress across their environmental and social agendas. We have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct which sets out our minimum expectations of all our suppliers on key issues.

Click here to view our supplier code of conduct

Anti-bribery and corruption

The Group has an anti-bribery and corruption policy, which is supplemented by a gift register and an associated policy on accepting gifts. This was externally reviewed in 2020.

Modern Slavery Act

Macfarlane Group has now made a statement under the Modern Slavery Act which is supported by internal procedures to ensure that the principles of the act are adhered to. The statement is available below:

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2023 Macfarlane Group PLC

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2022 Macfarlane Group PLC

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2021 Macfarlane Group PLC

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2020 Macfarlane Group PLC

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2019 Macfarlane Group PLC

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2018 Macfarlane Group PLC

Click here to view our Modern Slavery Statement 2017 Macfarlane Group UK Ltd (Packaging)

No material breaches of the above policies were noted during 2022, nor were any matters of significant concern reported through our whistleblowing service.