About Us

Macfarlane Group PLC operates 3 leading UK based businesses in the packaging and labels sector:

Macfarlane Packaging Distribution

We are the UK market leader in the distribution of packaging consumable products to a wide cross-section of companies in the logistics, mail order, internet retail and industrial markets.

Macfarlane Packaging Design and Manufacture

Designs, manufactures and assembles bespoke packaging solutions for UK customers in markets such as electronics, aerospace and medical sectors where they require cost effective protection of high value products in both storage and transit.

Macfarlane Labels

Designs and prints self adhesive and resealable labels for FMCG customers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

The Group

Is headquartered in Glasgow and is listed on the UK Stock Exchange.

Company Registration Number 004221
Registered in Scotland

Registered Office
21 Newton Place
G3 7PY

Telephone: 0141 333 9666
Fax: 0141 333 1988