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Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting 2022

The Group seeks to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (’GHG’) emissions. This report outlines the Group’s GHG emissions for 2022. Using an operational approach, the Group identified its boundaries to ensure all activities and facilities for which it is responsible were being recorded and reported in line with Scope 1 and 2 of the SECR regulation, which applies to Company financial years starting on or after 1st April 2019. Relevant data was provided to an independent consultant, EcoAct. The validity, accuracy and completeness of the data was audited by EcoAct and then used to calculate the GHG for Macfarlane Group. Calculations were completed in accordance with the main requirements of ISO-14064-1 standard and deliver both absolute values and an intensity ratio for the Group’s emissions. Activities conducted in the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany are included below to represent the Group’s full Scope 1 and 2 footprint. Scope 3 emissions tied to business travel fuel are included separately as per the SECR regulations1.

The Group continues to report on the absolute carbon footprint and intensity of carbon footprint relative to sales. The Group considers an intensity metric to be appropriate in light of the Company’s ongoing growth plans and acquisition of an average of two companies per year. During the period work has been undertaken to move towards an intensity footprint based on tonnage of product produced and further work will be undertaken during 2023 to reflect on the most representative measures the organisation can utilise to further enhance reporting.


In developing its strategy, Macfarlane Group recognises that the future trading landscape could look very different as climate change, including extreme weather events, becomes an increasingly important factor. Additionally, the customers we serve are making choices towards using less packaging where possible, as well as selecting packaging that is more environmentally friendly.

As the leading protective packaging distributor in the UK, we have a responsibility to support our customers to make an informed choice about their packaging requirements, enabling them to achieve their sustainability objectives and meet the needs of their end-customers.

Download our Macfarlane Packaging ESG Report Final 2022

Download our Macfarlane Packaging ESG Report Final 2021

Table 1: Emissions data

Table 2: Intensity Ratio

Table 3: Emissions data – Business Segments

Table 4: Recycling and recovery rate


Registration to ISO 14001

With the exception of certain recent acquisitions, all our UK packaging sites are registered to BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. As an internationally recognised standard on environmental management, registration involves a process of continual assessment of our environmental standards and processes. A key objective in 2021 is the development of a transition plan to register recent acquisitions under the standard.