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Macfarlane Group is committed to its people and we recognise our staff are our greatest asset, being critical to not only the growth of our business, but its resilience in challenging times.

Effective, meaningful and timely communication has always been recognised as fundamental to positive employee engagement. The need for effective communication has never been more crucial than during the past year, ensuring that each employee has the tools and support needed to effectively fulfil their role.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people has never been more important. In the current climate it is essential that we create a supportive, safe and rewarding work environment that enables employees to continue to deliver our goals and develop their careers.

Employee development

Macfarlane Group is dedicated to creating a culture where everyone has the opportunity to not only excel in their current role but reach their full potential.

Through a variety of development methods employees have the ability to enhance their current skills, gain new ones and develop their knowledge.

The apprenticeship schemes continue to be a success, with structured programmes in place across a number of business disciplines. Once participants have successfully completed their programme the objective is for them to be retained within the business, moving onto the next stage of their career.

The Macfarlane Leadership Programme remains key in ensuring the Company has a robust pipeline of future leadership talent in place. Through a structured training programme, based on theory and practical learning methods, talented employees looking for progression to senior management attend a series of leadership days providing them with an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge. They are assessed regularly on how they are implementing the key learnings from the programme into their daily working life. The success of this programme has been demonstrated by the career development of many of the participants into senior management roles.

Whilst the pandemic has impacted upon Macfarlane Group’s ability to provide face to face training a number of externally and internally sourced training courses, facilitated through various virtual platforms have been provided.

In addition to the standard development programmes, increased focused on mental health, effective communication and IT skills within the virtual world have been made available to all employees. The Group has provided on average 10 hours recorded training per employee.

As many support courses were provided to all staff and their families a number of training hours have not been formally recorded in 2020.

The business has continued to support and sponsor a number of further education programmes and professional qualifications including the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.



The gender breakdown of Directors, Senior Managers and other Group employees at the year-end is shown below:

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is key to motivating the Group’s employees, promoting a team ethos and working together to deliver outstanding customer experience. We have maintained traditional methods of engagement, however, we have also enhanced the volume and variety
of communication tools given the current remote and socially distanced working environment.

Ensuring employee involvement through a broad range of communication channels, including virtual meetings, business update sessions, functional forums and written correspondence has proved critical in ensuring flexibility of approach and ability for the Group to react to changing challenges.

Employees took part in surveys during 2020, the feedback confirming that individuals felt the level of communication was right and also that they remained positive and had adjusted well to the new ways of working.

Company policy supports equal opportunities and the employment and development of individuals with disabilities where their disabilities do not hinder the performance of their duties. Proactive adjustments are made to the working environment where required.


Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing has always been important, the Group aims to support employees in creating a positive feeling of well-being both inside and outside of the workplace. Guides, support tools and online training have been made available to all employees with the aim of creating a healthy, supportive working environment. As a Group we understand how important a healthy home life is to an individual’s wellbeing. The Group’s support structures have been extended to direct family members, with extended flexible working practices being adopted to support the ability of employees to manage the demands of both work and home priorities.

Gender Pay Gap

This showed men’s mean hourly rate to be 7.2% higher than women’s and women’s median hourly rate to be 12.9% higher than men’s. The median pay gap in favour of women is reflective of our sales function being predominantly female, while the lower earning band of employees in production and logistics is predominantly male. These results do however change when reviewing the mean pay gap information. This is reflective of the demographics of the Senior Executive team and those printers (typically male) employed in Macfarlane Labels as skilled professionals, who receive competitive basic pay and a full shift system, offering a significant uplift on standard hourly rates.