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Macfarlane Group recognises the importance of recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining the very best people to ensure our business continues to run successfully, delivering outstanding customer service and continued business improvement.

Maintaining a working environment that promotes good employee relations, safety well-being and employee engagement at all levels is critical to every Macfarlane operation.

Employee development

We strive to make our workplace one in which individuals feel challenged, fulfilled and able to achieve their full potential. Macfarlane Group invests in training to equip our people with the right skills and knowledge required to provide an outstanding tailored service to our customers and fulfil their personal potential.

During 2018 the Packaging and Labels business saw an increase in training hours per employee to 12.2 hours per annum. This increase is a reflection of the continued engagement with Apprenticeship Schemes and the launch of a Leadership Development programme, specifically aimed at identifying and supporting the development of future leaders. Macfarlane Group always looks to promote from within the organisation wherever possible and this programme is a further investment in our people to allow them to develop their careers within the business. The Group including recent acquisitions has provided, on average, 10.7 hours of training per employee during 2018.

Macfarlane Group offers a wide range of training opportunities, ranging from external training and coaching to on-the-job training. This allows individuals to be stretched and challenged to achieve career objectives. The Company also provides Sponsored Further Education programmes, to support employee engagement in long-term education.


The gender breakdown of Directors, Senior Managers and other Group employees at 31 December 2018 is shown below:

Macfarlane Group reported its Gender Pay Gap information in April 2018. This showed women’s mean hourly rate to be 1.3% higher than men’s and women’s median hourly rate to be 11.3% higher than men’s.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is an ongoing feature of our business. Each year we welcome new employees to Macfarlane Group, many of whom join us through acquisitions, and who bring with them new ideas and perspectives which are valuable to the ongoing development of our business.

Through performance appraisals, business update sessions and informal review meetings, a platform is provided for employee participation and involvement. Employee Surveys are conducted throughout the business providing a constructive method of feedback. To support consistent employee engagement we run a number of functional forums and feedback workshops, both role specific and business specific. These forums provide an opportunity for our employees, to engage in an open two-way dialogue on topics that are important to everyone, including business performance, strategic targets and the overall wellbeing of our employees.

Macfarlane Group provides interactive tools and resources to employees via mechanisms such as iPads providing employees with the ability to gain information, advise and provide feedback instantly, supporting the continued aim of enhancing the customer experience.