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Health & Safety

The health, safety and welfare of our people, including colleagues, customers and suppliers, forms a critical part of Macfarlane Group’s business objectives.

We aim to achieve a positive health and safety culture through the creation of a safe and healthy work environment, preventing and minimising risks.

Our vision and goals for Health and Safety and how we commit to achieve them are based upon the best practice guidelines, issued by the Health and Safety Executive. To ensure we adhere and abide by best health and safety practices we have dedicated Health and Safety Managers in the business, who work with local Health and Safety teams to ensure knowledge and standards are effectively applied to the business on a consistent basis throughout all the health and safety disciplines.

We continue to invest in our premises and our equipment to improve the safety of our business operations, particularly in relation to the operation of our machinery and vehicles.

To ensure constant and consistent focus regarding Health and Safety throughout the Group, it is a main agenda item at all formal monthly review meetings and operating sites in the Group are internally assessed and graded on their Health and Safety performance.

The Group Board plays a key role in overseeing the operation of all Health and Safety, reviewing reports on Health and Safety at each meeting. This report covers incidents, near misses, reportable and non-reportable incidents.

The Accident Frequency Rate (‘’AFR’’) representing the number of reportable incidents per 100,000 man-hours worked is shown below.

In 2018, we experienced an increase in AFR vs. 2017. This represented 11 reportable incidents compared to 6 in 2017. All reportable incidents are investigated thoroughly by our Health & Safety team and changes to working practices implemented if required. We also ensure that training in a particular area where incidents have arisen is reinforced.

Manual handling and slips, trips and falls are the highest causes of reportable incidents and we continue to review and improve our training and oversight of these activities as part of our ongoing commitment to the safety of our people.

In 2018, we undertook a review and relaunch of our safety policies. These were audited by an external service provider to ensure compliance with the required standards.

In 2019, the business will renew its focus on behavioural health and safety, including incident reporting, and how to perform safety observations and provide feedback on safety performance. We also recognise our commitment to the safety of our drivers and those who share the roads with our delivery vehicles. We now have camera systems fitted to many of our vehicles and the roll out of this initiative continues as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in our health and safety performance.